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UP! Plus2 3D Desktop Printer Review
Easiest 3D Printer for Beginners

Are You New to the World of 3D Printing? Check This Out!

When I first came across the world of 3D printing, I thought I had been thrown a hundred years forward in terms of technology! In fact I would go so far as to say that for me, printing like this was only reserved for scientists! However, as my research “net” has widened I’ve discovered this is something most people can take advantage of and as sad as it may sound, I’m really excited about it.

You see part of the reason this little creation is before you isn’t just because I thought I had found something that’s new to the market but that I decided to try and help people understand what 3D printing is all about without confusing you with technical terms you might not understand (although to some extent it can’t be avoided)!

So, for this review you’re going to learn about the UP! Plus 2 3D Desktop Printer which I think is a really great place to start and is perfect for people who are interested in making things like toys or other little sculptures that can then be decorated.

The Technical Bit!

You may at this point be wondering what your toys or even things like key chains will be made of, so here goes. There are three types of material you can use but do bear in mind you will have to buy these separately and that needs to be factored into the overall (and ongoing) cost:
• ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
• PLA or Polyactic Acid
• Thermoplastic Filament

Now your head might be spinning at this stage and I wouldn’t blame you, but essentially all of the materials above are a form of polymer or plastic.
You do also need to know how large an object you can make is and this 3D Printer can create items such as say, a plastic bunny at measurements of 5.3 inches high, 5.5 inches in width and the same for depth.

What the Printer Looks Like

I can’t say this is the prettiest product I’ve ever come across, but the manufacturer has thought about certain aspects when designing it. The chassis is open frame and comes in white. The reason for this is so a heat and wind shield could be included. This helps with safety as well as keeping materials cool so you get the perfect finish.

It stands at an overall height of 13 ¾ inches and is 9 5/8 inches wide so it will fit on most workbenches with ease. Oh, and I should mention power as well. You will need a 100-240v AC power supply, it uses 200 watts of power and the frequency is between 50 and 60Hz.

Other Points to Consider

There is one amazing feature I simply cannot leave out with this 3D printer and that’s the fact it has an auto level detector which is amazing considering how much this printer costs. It will save time, and helps with more accurate results which is another reason why I think this model is a great idea for those of you who are thinking about purchasing a 3D printer for the first time.

You do get a perforated board which (if you don’t already know) is where your items will appear before your eyes, however, I have heard comments that glass works better if you’re a bit of perfectionist. Then again, it is possible to buy one separately.

It’s also worth noting that when using the software all files will need to be in STL or Standard Tessellation Language. These files are generated using CAD or Computer Aided Design software however you will have to purchase CAD software separately because it’s not provided.


As I have said, I think this is a great starter 3D printer and it’s perfect for making all sorts of items out of the materials mentioned above. It’s even a good idea if you run a small business that produces plastic type ornaments. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to take a look at my favorite online retailer (Amazon).

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